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We'll keep you mobile: Secure summer tyres & the right service now. Your tyres determine your braking distance and give your Volkswagen support – in the wet or in tight corners. That’s why we only offer you products of outstanding quality and services that make your driving experience safer.

Volkswagen Tyre Warranty. Full protection for 36 months and not 1 Euro extra.

Your benefits Product information.

Your benefits

Your benefits

  • Free.

If you buy a tyre or complete wheel from your Volkswagen Partner.

  • Protects for a long time.

Valid for 36 months.

  • Provides assistance with many kinds of damage.

No matter whether they have been caused by sharp objects, kerbs or vandalism.

  • Easy to redeem.

At over 2,000 participating Volkswagen Partners in Germany.

Product information.

Product information.

From a nail on the road to the kerb that was a little bit too close to the tyre when parking, after all: You don't need to worry about that with the Volkswagen Tyre Warranty. It covers damage caused by kerbs, sharp objects and even vandalism. For 36 months and not 1 euro extra when you buy new tyres or tyre assemblies.

Which tyres is the warranty valid for?
  • Passenger car and SUV tyres of all dimensions and for vehicles of all brands and years of construction.
  • Van tyres up to 17 inches and for vehicles of all brands and years of construction.
When does the Volkswagen Tyre Warranty provide assistance?
  • Tyre damage caused by nails, broken pieces of glass and other sharp objects. Vandalism - wanton damage to your tyres caused by third parties.
  • Tyre damage caused by clearly visible kerb impact.

What does the warranty not cover?

Defects in consequence of normal wear and tear or based on gross negligence on the part of the driver or vehicle owner.

This is how much you receive in the event of damage.

The extent of your financial claim depends on the market value of your tyre or complete wheel. What is important is how long after purchase the damage occurred.

The market value of your tyre or complete wheel.

You can have the value offset when you purchase a new tyre or complete tyre from 1 of over 2,000 participating Volkswagen Partners. The Tyre Warranty is, of course, included.

Months since purchase Compensation claim
0 - 3 100%
4 - 6 80%
7 - 9 70%
10 - 12 60%
13 - 18 45%
19 - 24 30%
25 - 36 15%

Tyre Services.

Tyre Service.

With lots of expertise.

Affordable and easy, perfect for the start of the summer or winter: the Tyre Service. We'll change your tyres using our expert knowledge - and if you do need new tyres, we'll find the right model for you. Includes a 36 month tyre guarantee and immediate fitting.

Wheel & Tyre Storage Service.

Great convenience. Small price.

The ideal storage place for your winter and summer tyres is cool, dark and dry. Preferably not your garage? No problem: We will store your tyres for you, will also check their tread and re-balance them. And this will mean that you save a bit of space and don't need to lug tyres around.

Safety – Metre for metre. During its lifetime, a tyre travels once around the whole world, on average – even in ice and snow. Or at tarmac temperatures of up to 50°C. To ensure that you are safer on the road metre by metre, we are working together with leading manufacturers of quality and premium tyres. For state-of-the art tyres and quality that you can rely on.

The AirStop® Programme.

AirStop® tyres from your Volkswagen Partner.

AirStop®. Passes almost every acid test.

Your benefits. Product information.

Your benefits.

Your benefits.

  • Increased safety.

No pressure loss after a puncture. Driving behaviour remains stable.

  • Fewer delays.

Prevents most causes of flat tyres.

  • No additional costs for the upgrade.

Mounted on all standard rims.

  • Protects against numerous damages.

Full protection, even in the event of several punctures.

  • Same driving comfort.

In comparison to standard tyres.

  • Saves space and fuel.

Due to elimination of the spare wheel.

Product information.

Product information.

From a nail on the road to the kerb that was just a little too close to the tyre during parking: with the Volkswagen Tyre Warranty you no longer have to worry. It covers damages caused by kerbs, sharp objects and even vandalism. For 36 months and at no extra cost when you purchase new tyres or complete wheels.

What's so special about AirStop® tyres?

AirStop® tyres are filled with a viscous mass. It seals against punctures of up to 5 mm, meaning your tyres don't lose any pressure. For a stable driving performance.

Do I need special rims or additional parts?

AirStop® tyres fit all standard rims. There's no need for extra parts. However, we recommend that you use them in combination with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Do I have to change the tyres after a puncture?

With AirStop®, you can continue driving to your Volkswagen Partner to have your tyres changed. After all, without changing your tyres, they nevertheless remain unrepaired - even if you don't notice that they are.

How do I know if my Volkswagen has AirStop®?

The owner's manual will tell you if your Volkswagen is equipped with AirStop® tyres. A reference is also printed on the sides of your tyres, depending on the manufacturer e.g. ContiSeal (Continental), Seal Inside (Pirelli), Selfseal (Michelin), Sealguard (Hankook).

Standard equipment for these models: Information is provided in the owner's manual of all vehicles which can be fitted ex-works with AirStop® tyres.

Golf 7.

Golf 7 Variant.

Passat B8.

Passat B8 Variant.

Passat Alltrack.





Wheel & Tyre Financing.

Pay for safety in small instalments.

No longer any reason to be on the road with the wrong tyres: Volkswagen Bank's Tyre and Wheel Financing enables you to pay for your new winter or summer tyres in 24 to 36 months - simply and conveniently. Ask your Volkswagen Partner about the current terms and conditions.

Detailed information.

In general:

  • From an annual percentage rage of 6.9% (borrowing rate from 6.69 %)
  • Provided net loan of 500 up to €4,000
  • With a maturity of 24 to 36 months

An offer from Volkswagen Bank GmbH.

Example financing.
Example financing
Finance amount/net loan € 1,800
Down payment € 0.00
Maturity 24 months
Debit interest (fixed) 6.69%
Annual percentage rate 6.90%
Total amount € 1,928.16
Monthly rate € 80.34

Used tyre disposal.

We dispose of your tyres in the correct way.

When you purchase new tyres, we'll take care of the disposal of your old ones, free of charge. Your Volkswagen Partner will be happy to advise you on selecting the correct wheels and tyres - discover our attractive range of quality and premium tyres.