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Roadside Assistance.

Had an accident or breakdown, despite all cautionary & quality measures? Volkswagen can help. Accidents and breakdowns can happen – despite all cautionary. Our tips and services will help you to be as prepared as possible and well cared for an emergency.

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance Service. 0800-VWSERVICE / 0800-897378423



Accident & breakdown guide.

What should you do or not do in the event of an accident or a breakdown and what are you entitled to? Our guide will quickly put you in the picture and ensure that you are always on the safe side.

Assistance during an accident.

Convenience and protection - you can rely on that with your Volkswagen. Even if, despite all precautions and quality, something does happen occasionally, we are there for you with our services covering all aspects of accidents: directly on site, assisting with insurance formalities and with expert repairs.

Volkswagen Service Mobile.

We come to you with a complete workshop.

If you are unable to get to our workshop due to a breakdown, we will simply come to you with one of our 1,400 Volkswagen Service Mobiles. On board: everything needed to repair your Volkswagen at the roadside. If that doesn't work, we will tow you away to the next Volkswagen Partner.

LongLife Mobility Guarantee.

Safety that goes further.

No matter whether you are involved in a breakdown or an accident, on your very doorstep or on the road, just round the corner or abroad - the LongLife Mobility Guarantee means that you are always safe: We will set all wheels in motion to keep you moving.