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On the road.

Be safe on the road: Whether you're going about your daily business or off on holiday. Our offers and tips mean that you can take a break from stress even at the travel planning stage – and you will arrive at your destination more safely and in a more relaxed frame of mind. Find out quickly and off you go.


Holiday booked. Route planned. Car packed. Ready to go? To make sure that you don't have any nasty surprises on the road, you'll find travel tips and tricks here. Guaranteed driving pleasure.

Pack correctly.

Even seemingly harmless small items can become dangerous missiles upon sudden braking. With our tips for simple and safe packing, you won't have to leave anything behind.

On the road with children. Travelling with the little ones? It's always a big adventure. With our tips and products you'll be well prepared for the journey – and your safety won't fall by the wayside, even during the most turbulent trip.

Safety for the kids.

A high level of comfort, easy handling and exceeding the requirements of the ECE-R44/04 regulation - Volkswagen child seats.

On the road with animals. Our checklist will make sure that you and your four-legged passengers are as well prepared as possible for your journey. In the Volkswagen Accessories Shop you'll find car boot solutions to ensure that your furry friends arrive safe and sound. When are you roaring down the road?

On the road abroad.

Next time you're on the move, you can bank on safety and driving pleasure: Our Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is always there for you, even abroad. You'll find European traffic knowledge here, as well as information and services for every aspect of your journey.

LongLife Mobility Guarantee.

Safety that goes further.

No matter whether you are involved in a breakdown or an accident, on your very doorstep or on the road, just round the corner or abroad - the LongLife Mobility Guarantee means that you are always safe: We will set all wheels in motion to keep you moving.